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Hello and welcome to another version of “The Godzilla Shrine” which is more along the lines of a writers Guild and it has all my writings. It does not contain images, sound effects, videos, or anything else you anything related would normally see on a website. This is strictly text related and it is for all of the readers out there who like reading Kaiju related information.

I do have what I like to call my own version of “The Kaiju Tales” this is a book that I wrote with many short stories based on Godzilla and his friends. I also have four short stories that are centered on a fictitious character that I created and the book is called “The Chronicles of Shoren” this is about an ice Mountain Dragon goes on certain ventures and eventually becomes the King of all dragons.

I will also have many different stories based on other giant Kaiju such as Gamera, Mothra, King Kong, or any other giant sci-fi related monster. I also have writings based on certain people that are aficionados that are experts in the Kaiju genre. I also have tributes based on actors and actresses who are stored in Godzilla movies as well as other movies. I also have movie reviews on this website. I also have a section that concentrates on certain “Lost Projects” that is centered on movies that never got made. Anyway that’s it for now I have been concentrating on writing for the last for five years now and have accrued a lot of material for your reading pleasure.

My Books

Kaiju Tales: Fan Fiction

The Chronicles of Shoren Fan Fiction

Kaiju Scripts

Biographies of the Four Fathers

Kaiju Influences and Contributors

Tributes and Memorials

Directors of Kaiju Films

Japanese Godzilla Stories

American Godzilla Stories

King Kong Stories

Gamera Stories

Mothra Stories

Other Kaiju Related Stories

Collecting Giant Monsters and Kaiju Figures

Lost Kaiju Projects

Godzilla Movie Reviews

Gamera Movie Reviews

Mothra Movie Reviews

King Kong Movie Reviews

The Kaiju Timelines and Canon

Godzilla Suits

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