The Godzilla Shrine

Hello Kaiju fans this is Barney the owner of The Godzilla Shrine. I just want to mention to each and every one of you that my website is indeed online and doing really well as of August 7, 2016. I do have a tremendous amount of information on my website now as I have done an immense amount of writing when it comes to Kaiju related information. When you go to the website you will be overwhelmed by all the information there and it will keep you interested.

Enjoy the website as it is getting huge and I also like to mention that you have more than just Godzilla on this website now. I have an animated website, Godzilla 1998, Godzilla 2014, Johnny Sokko his flying robot, Yongary, Frankenstein Conquers the World, Honoring Yumiko Shaku, An American Patriot, Spooky Hollow and this list goes on and on. Check out this website you will be impressed.

Somewhere along the lines I will eventually invest in a domain name for this website again. Because I originally had a domain name but unfortunately the people that owned it decided not to let me know that he ran out and I lost the domain name and that was about 8 years ago. I might do another domain name just to get this website back to its original popularity. Again thank you and don't forget to check out the website.

Sincerely Barney Buckley

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